Mistress Irony – Slut in the Box

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Mistress Irony one of the most dominant mistress in the BDSM world has a propensity to inflict intense and unusual torture on her little sex slaves. Locking Trisha Uptown in a box and playing with her sweet little ass for hours on end is just the appetizer in this weeks hardcore wet and wild update! Trisha Uptown loves to misbehave and Mistress Irony knows just what to do when she wants her sex slaves to fall in line. Caning, cropping, ultraviolet wand, hot wax and an incredibly large dildo make up a tantalizing recipe for this weeks escapade into pleasure and pain! For more Femdom Movies and Femdom Videos just visit Wasteland.com to find the best BDSM and Femdom Movies and Videos

Femdom Video – A Different Kind of Threesome


Female Domination is one of the most exciting thing in BDSM Concept, Femdom is a method were the domiant part is a women and the dominant is called a mistress or a goddess. Goddess Starla was more than happy to play with her new slave who is locked in the stocks. For the first time, she has decided to bring her cuckolded husband Randy along so that he can assist her in a not so normal threesome of pain and punishment. Starla, always cruel and rarely soft on her slaves, uses clothespins to spread her slave’s pussy wide open so that she can get a nice look as well as easy access to the tight little cunt. After cropping and canning the poor little slut’s ass cheeks until they have turned a nice crimson red, Goddess Starla has Randy pour hot candle wax on them to bring the pain to the next level while Starla works the slave’s dripping wet pussy. In the second half of this hardcore play date, Goddess Starla fucks her overly horny slave with a large strapon while having Randy hold, fondle and slap her. There’s nothing like watching this stern Mistress team up with her own personal loser slave to train a new slut. To watch the video just visit wasteland.com

Fuck machine from wasteland

wasteland7Fuck is an English word that is generally considered profane, that in its most literal meaning refers to the act of sexual intercourse. However, by extension it may be used to negatively characterize anything that can be dismissed, disdained, defiled, or destroyed, and it is due to the convergence of these two weighty concepts (sex and destruction) that the term can carry such overloaded emphasis, although it is frequently used as a mere intensifier.

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BDSM Movies and videos by insidewasteland.com


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BDSM fuck machine – Robotic Gang Bang


This bdsm porn video right here is a good example of bdsm lifestyle were master is using a wicked fuck machine just to pleasure her submissive slave. This master treat her slave with something unusual today, unusual in the sense of she put her slave inside a cage and give her slave to fuck machine to play with one in her pussy and the other is in her mouth. To watch this video just visit wasteland.com to see this unique and intense bdsm video.

Femdom spanking video

021Mistress Redd and her friend Starla thought it’d be a great  idea to have a little time off and decided to spend it in what looked very lovely and quaint in the brochure. Upon arrival however they were met with a dismal situation. The timeshare was a complete mess! They decide to make the best of the experience and Redd takes out her frustration on Starla. She begins by making Starla lick her dirty leather boots, and progresses with taking a crop to her ass to provide some boot worship motivation. Before long, Mistress Redd has her boots and socks off and continues beating Starla with a riding crop. She then makes Starla paint her toenails using the brush in her mouth – and with obvious difficulty. So Mistress Redd teaches her a lesson by bending Starla over a chair and gives her a fairly severe cropping on her ass, and pussy. When Mistress Redd is content with Starla’s beating she decides to humiliate her by having Starla kneel before her at her feet and masturbate and only allowing her to cum when she commands it. Starla explodes into orgasm hugging her Mistresses leg and then collapses naked to the floor, to sleep while Redd goes out for coffee.. for more videos just visit wastelandvod.com

Lesdom with fuck machine

t-punishment-fullLooking for some nice bdsm movis or videos with extreme lesbian domination with the combination of fuck machines? well here at wasteland.com we will bring you the best bdsm porn the internet has to offer. Just like this submissive girl in the picture she is totally hot and craving to be fuck by her mistress using a strap on dildo and the help of a wicked fuck machine. After months of training, our documentarian decides to pay Miss Alyssah a visit to see for himself just how well Trisha Uptown is doing. Miss Alyssah is more then happy to show Simon first hand just how well things are going with her slut. She is especially pleased to show off her sluts sucking and fucking skills, but as with all trainees, Trisha does make mistakes. Her Mistresses punishment is swift and hard. It seems that no matter how cruel Trisha`s Mistress is, she always brings her to a screaming orgasm. Hmmm, maybe she being bad on purpose…we`ll let you decide. Looking for more BDSM Porn? look no more because we are going to give you the best bdsm porn the internet has to offer. We got the best lesdom, femdom, maledom, bdsm lifestyle, bdsm videos bdsm pictures and other bdsm stuff that will sure make you ask for more

Into the mist 3 (bdsm series)

rrHere is the third part of the BDSM Series Into the Mist: The girls want to leave the island, but can they? And when Melissa confronts Victoria about where her nephew to who she is to be governess is, she quickly learns that too many questions on Rutherford Island lead to painful results. To add insult to injury, Melissa finds out that she has not been properly “prepared” to Grayson Rutherford`s standards. Only weeks out of the convent school, Melissa now finds herself spread eagle on Victoria`s bed having her pussy shaved. Melissa tries to get to the bottom of of Grayson`s mysterious secret, but Willy is not talking. To read more about this story and watch the best BDSM tv series you can visit wastelandvod.com to get the hottest bdsm movies and videos. wastelandvod.com have tons of bdsm videos that will sure make you crave for more. We got the most dominant masters and submissive slaves.

Into the mist 2 (bdsm series)

itm2-fullInto the mist 2 (bdsm series) is the second part of the BDSM tv series from wasteland.com

Synopsis: Chloe learns that it is not only Willy that is subject to Mistress Victoria`s discipline. But, she soon discovers her own dominant side when she finds Willy spying on her and Melissa in the garden. Both girls then finally meet the Master of the house, Grayson Rutherford (Dale Debone) and learn, to their horror that Rutherford Manor has “The Punishment Room”. Starring porn-star notables, Dale DaBone, Lezley Zenn, and Veronika Raquel the show sets new standards in the industry,” touts Pink TV president Jan Verleur, and executive producer of the show, “The sex is super hot, paired with tightly interwoven plot twists and compelling characters that makes “Into The Mist” a real winner. Like so many other projects we have going right now, “Into The Mist” offers the adult consumer a hybrid mix of mainstream dramatic TV together with the sexiness of hardcore erotica. I am very excited to partner with the Wasteland team—in fact; we are already planning the 2nd series to be shot in Eastern Europe this summer.

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Into the mist 1 (bdsm series)

itm1-fullHere is the first part of the BDSM series in titled “into the mist” this bdsm movie is about “Into The Mist”: While the focus at Wasteland has always been staying one step ahead and keeping the site fresh with daily and weekly updates as well as new creative productions, we teamed up with Pink TV to create the world’s first 9 episode hardcore adult BDSM soap opera. The show entitled, “Into the Mist,” is a dominance themed erotic weekly drama series, with supernatural undertones. Pink TV worked with Wasteland due to our company’s long-standing reputation of providing top quality dominance themed content to adult consumers. Bethany Burke wrote the show and worked on set as an acting coach and script supervisor. Wasteland`s own Jack Hemingway directed the show and Pink TV provided a 10-man crew from its Miami based production crew and handled all the post production at its facilities in Prague, Czech Republic. The series was shot at the same Coconut Grove estate where the famous 1972 porn film “Deep Throat™” was filmed (during a hurricane, but that`s another story). You canwatch the trailer here Into the mist Episode 1